Every year for my birthday, my mom puts together a personalized birthday gift box full of mementos. Since I was born at 9:46pm, she will call me at the exact minute she brought me in this world after carrying and growing me in her womb and pushing me (well I was a C-Section baby, but yall get my point hahaha) after bringing life, MY LIFE into what is the now.
We talk and goof around while I open the box and fawning and cheesing
over the contents inside my personalized birthday box of L. O. V. E.
It’s always this big thing!
It’s most the special to me.
Shoutout to her for having me
and being apart of the incredible woman I am on and ON this special day.
Happy birthday to me!
“my only” “princess” ” minnie”

Defeat From Ugly Feets

photo via Instagram via @naturallykiara ; additional edit via T.G.G management

Seen this girl today. Wouldn’t even call her a girl the way her body moved. Seen a Amazon who clearly was taken out of her forest, today. Pondered more than I should have on if you would prefer her than me. Depicted this Amazon stranger as if I had the right.

Her hips and thighs moved when she moved and the shirt thar graced her very back I owned the same one, only mines was in black. Her hair weave, twenty six inches of greatness and skin the same color as mines, my hurt began to ache with the quicken pace because I know, no shadow of doubts you would have preferred her to me.

No, her feet weren’t pretty like mines, eyes not even twice as daring like mines, she ain’t even have a book in her hand like me but I was overwhelmed with this… she.

I felt she was better than me. I felt if I just looked like that or if I could change this, there would be no shadows clouding my mind.

I could no longer concentrate on my book because this pretty skin, ugly foot, earphones in, heavenly shaped Amazon stranger had stolen my man.


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